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About Me

There's only one real decision I feel I've ever made in my life: to quit a corporate job I had just gotten promoted in to take off and backpack through South America for a year. 

Every "decision" before that was an unconscious unfolding based off past traumas, societal expectations, and discomfort avoidance. 

Every "decision" after was more of a saying yes to the opportunities life was putting in front of me...opportunities for indescribable healing, growth and learning…than it was an actual decision based off careful analysis.

Since that moment I’ve…

  • Lived on four continents and travelled to almost 50 countries. 

  • Invested tens of thousands of hours and double the amount of money on coaches, healers, retreats, courses, trainings, workshops, classes, seminars, books….you name it I’ve done it.

  • Worked with corporate America (instead of in corporate America), running workshops for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Been a freelancer, business owner and entrepreneur, founding two start ups.

  • Facilitated international retreats, created online courses, ran a blog and hosted a podcast.

  • Coached hundreds of CEO's, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals. 

  • Taught and mentored hundreds of aspiring coaches.

  • Become a husband, a father and a homeowner.

Of course, these are the highlights of my life and career. I’ve also had many lowlights…

Since that moment I’ve also…

  • Lost my mom to cancer.

  • Dealt with family members struggling with addiction.

  • Experienced pain and hurt.

  • Felt lost, confused and depressed.

  • Doubted myself.

  • Had carefully thought out plans blow up in my face.

  • Made several business and personal mistakes.

All that I've experienced, acquired and accomplished has come from that fateful decision that young man made 12 years ago. And for that, I'm eternally grateful to him. 

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