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Deep Transformational Coach

My coaching style can be described in two words: deep and grounded. I've noticed, even in my own search for coaches, that it's difficult to find a coach out there that can truly balance these two approaches. 

The depth in my approach comes from my ability to create a container that helps you move beyond the noise of the mind- the doubts, the fears, the traumas, the limitations- and to tap into the deepest part of your being, the place where your inner knowing and wisdom reside, so that you can step into whatever changes you're looking to make from a place of true power and clarity. 

The ground in my approach comes from creating a space that allows you to leverage this depth into the actual changes you're trying to make in your life- whether you're making a career transition, starting a business or simply wanting to better your life. 

I leverage Mindfulness, CBT, the latest in Neuroscience, the Deep Transformational approach and more to create a one-of-a-kind space of lasting transformation. 

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I started working with Jonathan during a time of big change and personal growth in my life and having someone who could serve as a guide and sounding board was tremendously helpful.

Through silence, meditation, discussions, and envisioning a new future for myself, Jonathan created an environment where I felt excited and open to new ways of thinking and acting in my life.

These times provided ways for me to check in and focus on the changes and growth that were happening.

Jonathan has a unique ability to hold space for what is emerging, a calm patience to allow for exploration of new ways of being, and a thoughtful presence that encourages an openness to what’s possible. He's also a great human being with a big heart and an adventurous spirit and brings that energy into all of his interactions.


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